Tax & VAT

When you’re a small business owner, tax and VAT are usually never far from your mind. When you have a business to run on a day to day basis, anything that makes your tax returns and VAT submissions easier when they fall due is a welcome aid. At Accountz, we have spent years refining our business accounting software offering to include everything you need for accurate and up to date VAT and tax information.

Instant VAT Returns

If you’re doing your accounts yourself, it can be difficult to get your head around the process and requirements of VAT and tax returns and filing. Accountz business software has various features to make the process as easy as possible, saving you time and effort in research, as well as trying to create and submit the returns yourself manually. The ‘VAT Return’ component gives a comprehensive template that can be used to assist you so that you know everything you're doing is accurate. The VAT component pulls in the information for you wherever possible from your records, which saves you time again on preparation. Once this is done, you can either download the information to enter into your return sheet manually or use our online service.

Online VAT Submission

For users based in the UK, Accountz software has a unique feature that allows you to send your online VAT submission directly to HMRC via their online filing system. This really is as easy as it sounds, as everything can be managed from your Accountz dashboard. All that you’ll need is your company VAT registration number and Sender ID, which only need to be entered the first time you generate an online submission from your dashboard. Simply select the timeframe required, lock the transactions that are applicable to that VAT period, and click submit.

Multi Currency Compatibility

We recognise that not all of our users are UK based and, as such, will require compatibility with the VAT rates within their country of trade. Business Accountz is fully compatible with a vast range of European VAT rates. During the setup of your software, select your country’s VAT system, and the software will run in relation to your system of choice.