Software piracy and misuse

Accountz customers are permitted to use our software under the terms of a licence which sets out what they can and cannot do with the software. 

Software piracy

Software piracy is a term used to describe the copying, either by making, selling or distributing counterfeit or illegally OR use of computer software in violation of its license (end user licensing agreement or EULA). Due to the relative ease that a computer can be used to copy a program and the value of software, piracy of software is widespread. Accountz customers are at risk of purchasing counterfeit software by purchasing from an unauthorised channel. Please contact Ltd either by telephone on 01354 691650 or email for a list of authorised resellers.

Software misuse

The licence (end user licensing agreement EULA) establishes a legal agreement between and our customers. Any use of our software which breaches the EULA or using our software without a licence is a misuse of our software.

See below some examples of software misuse:

  • A customer purchases our software from an unauthorised channel. Tries to register the software online but cannot as the license key has already been activated by the previous owner. As our software licences are non-transferable the new owner is not licensed to use the software and is advised to buy from new. This is common where customers purchase from an auction site.
  • An unauthorised seller sells or distributes illegal copies (sometimes known as burnt copies) of our software using our Accountz logo either identical or likely to be mistaken for one of our registered or unregistered trade marks for instance the word “Accountz” or “” this is known as a trade mark infringement and the copying of our software is infringing the copyright of that software. If a customer purchases and uses this counterfeit copy they cannot register with Accountz, and as unlicensed users will not benefit from any warranty or support from

Because of the nature of software misuse and piracy the above is not a conclusive list of methods of software misuse but a general guide.