Small Business Accounting Software

Becoming self-employed is liberating, rewarding and gratifying, but can also be extremely scary without the necessary support mechanisms in place. For those who are just starting out as a small business, navigating the world of accounting and tax can be particularly overwhelming and result in unnecessary confusion. Whilst an accountant can usually help, they are also an expense to your budding business that you don’t necessarily need yet. By choosing to manage your finances yourself, you eradicate accountancy fees in favour of the comparatively minor cost associated with small business accounting software that has all the necessary capabilities in terms of tracking your finances, keeping your books, managing invoices and submitting your tax returns.

Accounts business software is ideal for small and medium business use. Having originally been created by an accountant with a wealth of experience in supporting businesses of all sizes, the software has every feature you will need to run your business effectively, with instant access to all your financial data presented in a comprehensive way. Our easy to interpret dashboard and reports mean that you can view your financial information at a glance, or dive deeper for a detailed view of the whole, or specific sections of your business.

Completing daunting financial tasks is made incredibly simple, with facilities that include instant VAT returns, customer or client management, quote and estimate production, and even the ability to submit your VAT returns directly to HMRC through the Accountz dashboard. A simple, effective, fuss and confusion-free way to manage all of your business finances and processes.

If you're unsure on any of the software elements, we also have an extensive range of support options that are available to you 24/7, including UK based telephone support and access to fully qualified bookkeeping experts.

Are you sure I don’t need an accountant?

Whilst accountants can be extremely useful, they’re not essential, especially for smaller businesses. An accounting software that is specifically designed for small business use will be just as effective at performing the financial tasks your business requires, as well as managing your customers, invoices and quotes, which an accountant will not do. You may want to consider getting a professional accountant as your business grows, but even then having the right historical and ongoing data will allow them to get to grips with your accounts much quicker, and provide them with a basis from which to advise you, which can often reduce the quote for their services.