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 Product Management


Product Management enables you to keep track of your stock items.

You can name your stock items and record reference, barcode and price against each item. You can view a history by stock item of all sales and purchase transactions, showing the purchasing and selling price for every transaction, as well as any quotes received or purchase orders sent. The history also shows the volume of stock left in the business, plus the running balance of the price you purchased or sold at, and your gross margin.

The Product Management icon is available for selection in Main Component Toolbar. It can also be selected from the main menu item Sales>Product Management.

The screen is split into two horizontal panels.

The top table panel contains a spreadsheet type overview of all your stock items.

The bottom tab panel offers a detailed breakdown for the selected stock item.

By default the bottom panel is completely docked to the bottom edge of the screen. To make the bottom panel visible, click and drag the separation bar up.

When you select a 'Product' in the top table panel all the contents of the bottom tab panel change to reflect the selected product.

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