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PCR Awards 2014

Finalists for the PCR awards for Business / Utility Software Publisher of the year

Best Consumer Software

Home Accountz was nominated for the MacWorld 2012 Awards for Best Consumer Software


Total simplicity, video tutorials, expanded data gives better idea of financial standing, customisable reports, does exactly what it says on the box

Expert Reviews 5 Stars

Home Accountz is easy to get your head around and has everything you need to help you get your home finances in order

Computer shopper gives Home Accountz 5 stars

The budgeting tool is new to Home Accountz, it lets you easily specify how much you want to spend over the year. By default, the software automatically breaks your annual budget for an item, for instance food into twelve equal amounts. However, using the budgeting tool you can quickly change the amount assigned to each month as a percentage of the annual total. Once your budget is set, you can use the period overview to compare your actuals against your budget and to see forecasts for the month ahead. Home Accountz is easy to get your head around and has everything you need to help you get your home finances in order

Personal Finance Software Reviews

Thanks again love your system. Am all set up and entering my expenses and income as I go and everything reconciling brilliantly. Finding my way around the reports but, can see there is so much more for me to take advantage of. Ideal for someone keeping a track of their savings, basic investments, income and expenditure. Really enjoying it too.

I would just like to place on record the excellent service received this morning and the initial response to the desperate email I despatched yesterday, wherein Rachel and Kate have not only put matters right but handled the whole exercise in such a fine spirit of confidence and thoughtfulness, that I remain most grateful, re-assured for the future and most ready and able to recommend your services, thanks to all concerned.

Bernard Whiteside

Early in my working life I tried an accounting programme, which turned out to confuse even my accountant, this left me with a lasting dread of using accounts packages. I then went onto using spreadsheets which sufficed for many years. Several months ago I decided I had to master these programmes and have tried and tested several, none of which made accounting any easier for me and some made my understanding of accounts even worse.

Early in February 2012 I found Accountz on the internet and after a number of weeks “will I or won’t I, yes I will, no I won’t” decided to trial the home package, again I dithered but eventually thought I will.

At the last moment, and because I didn’t expect to make any progress I decided to try out the basic business version. After only a few days the decision was made to purchase, but the programme is so good that I bought the professional version instead.

Having been trialling and using the programme for sixteen days I find the programme to be so user friendly I am able to print information and right up to the last click of the mouse make any changes if a mistake is found, even if an incorrect transaction is input it is so simple to correct. Every time I use Accountz I find something new which continues to make using the programme such a pleasure after my previous experiences and the easy button does exactly what it says, and I have at last said goodbye to numerous spreadsheets.

The after sales service and follow up by the support team is excellent and far superior than any I have ever experienced from any other programme. If I can use this programme, then I am confident anyone can. Many thanks Accountz for a great and easy to use programme together with your first class, unbeatable after sales care.

John S Graves

Having used Microsoft Money for many years before purchasing Accountz last year, it didn’t take long to get used to the way it works - I am very pleased with how easy it is and wouldn’t be without it.

Gary Ennis

Can I just say Home Accountz has arrived and it is a very good package. Having now had a week to get used to it I am finding it an excellent tool, it is easy to master and once you have grasped the basics, easy and intuitive to use. A vast improvement over Personal Accountz. Having used both Quicken and Microsoft Money in the past - Home Accountz is by far superior, well done.

Richard (surname withheld on request)

As you will be aware my problem opening the June 7 version of HAZ has now been resolved by your excellent team - thank you so much for all the help given. As I have said on the User Forum, I am absolutely certain that this software will be a great success....Microsoft Money and Quicken can indeed be things of the past and the UK can benefit from your efforts!

Rob C (surname withheld on request)

For years now I've been searching for a straightforward software package to look after my home accounts. I've tried many packages, but most are too complex (probably intended for things more inclined toward business activities). You have come up with the goods. I'd recommend it to anyone who enjoys looking after their own money particularly if it includes a variety of holding such as, bonds, ISA's, savings and current accounts. Perhaps something to track shares in the future? Thanks Accountz, it's made my life more fun.

Colin F Brittain

I am at present trialling Home Accountz having been using Personal Accountz. I think the 'payee' section is great. It is similar to MS Money (but better).

Fred Friend

I purchased Personal Accountz, having tried various packages to help me organise various financial accounts, and found it simple to use and yet very comprehensive. Not having any prior accounting (or even bookkeeping) experience. I found myself asking a couple of very basic questions at the beginning, in spite of the availability of an excellent User Manual. I was surprised to get an immediate and friendly response, without being made to feel that I should have spent more time reading the documentation.

Having made extensive use of the package over the past 8 months, I came across what I felt was a slight problem and phoned the support desk- it was agreed that I could send a screen dump to best illustrate the problem. I did this and was astonished to receive a phone call within 15 minutes (from Umesh), explaining why the problem occurred (it was caused by the way I had made a particular entry). Of course, I have now upgraded to Home Accountz - fortuitously, on the very day it was released!

Having spend thousands of pounds on computer software over the years, I can honestly say that I've never received anything even approaching this degree of customer support, nor such excellent value for money. What an amazing company, with such friendly staff!

Dr Bill Allen

Thank you for your email. I have tried your product, find it easy to work with and as a replacement for my old Quicken software it is by far the best I have found.

Mark Aslett

I must take this opportunity of congratulating you on the work you have done on Home Accountz. I am very pleased with the programme and would recommend it to anyone who wants a good home accounting programme.

John Henrick

I will be passing on the details to several of my family who are also running Quicken and looking for a replacement. Thank you again for your excellent service.

Maggie Muir

I have to write to say just how good your Home Accountz software is; I guess you already believe this to be the case anyway. Having used MS Money for close to 20 years, it came as a bitter blow when MS decided, in their wisdom, to bin the whole package and its' associated support. I felt that while I could cope with a replacement program, my wife would almost certainly struggle, as she is under confident where software is concerned. I was therefore, looking for something I could make look like MS Money.

I looked at a number of packages, some cost a fortune, but wasn't too sure until I tried yours. I could quickly recognise how to manipulate the transactions page to almost mirror what we had lost. I accept that I may not be using the program to its' full potential but it suits myself and more importantly, my wife. She is now very much at home with the software. She still smiles when, having moved money around using Lloyds TSB online banking, she finds your program has already adjusted the accounts to reflect her action.

Mike & Carole Tasker, Shrewsbury

I have used some form of computing to run my personal accounts for the last 30 years! I started with a simple spreadsheet on a spectrum 48k home computer!

Next I used a more advanced spreadsheet on an Amstrad PC and found it invaluable to be able to properly and easily reconcile bank statements and more importantly forecast ahead to see how my budget was going and identify potentially difficult cashflow periods well in advance. Most people I know who have got into financial difficulties have done so simply because they found it too difficult to properly monitor their income and bills. With paper and pen and trusty calculator it is possible but very time consuming and who has the time?

I moved on after the Amstrad to larger and more powerful PC's and to Intuit's Quicken for my personal finances. I found this software to be very good but Intuit withdrew from the UK market some years ago and that sent me looking for a suitable replacement. After looking at a number of UK based products I could find none that had the functionality I wanted until I found Home Accountz.

I have been using it for about 1 year now and so has my wife. After a short learning curve to adapt after so long with Quicken, I have found Home Accountz to be the best personal finance package I have used to date. I like the presentation of the transactions for each account and the ease with which it is possible to set up different views to look ahead at the future state of account. Setting up advance and repeat transactions is very quick and easy and reconciling is a doddle.

I am so impressed with the regular updates and improvements that are made freely available.

Both my wife and I are retired and we depend totally on Home Accountz to keep on top of our finances and ensure we get the maximum benefit from our incomes. Keep up the good work.

Terry Jane

NOTE: The reviews below refer to previous versions, name Personal Accounts and Personal Accountz, however, the new Home Accountz builds on that base and adds considerably more power, so we feel these reviews are relevant to the latest in a long string of development on the UK's number one personal finance application.

computer shopper best buy icon

Computer Shopper March 2010. Another 5 star top review.

"Accountz Personal is straightforward and easy to use. Entering transactions is simple.... it's this simplicity that makes Accountz Personal such a great choice for most users."

computer shopper best buy icon

Computer Shopper

Oct 2009 5 stars BEST BUY Award
"Great value, easy to get to grips with and straightforward to use, this is ideal for home finances. It's a great choice for anyone who wants control over their finances, and wins the Best Buy award"
computer buyer best buy icon Computer Buyer (Mar 2008 Group Test) GOOD BUY Award
pc home gold award icon Personal Accounts wins Gold Award from PC Home Magazine
" We recommend Personal Accounts. It is easy to use, quick to input data and create new accounts and a pleasant experience throughout! "

Computer Shopper (Jan 2008 Group Test) "Personal Accountz, is logical, straightforward and comes with a good manual and quick-start guide."

The Independent (5th August 2007) Review of Personal Finance software and a case study.

Windows XP made easy magazine (August 2007) "8/10 This is the perfect package for those who have yet to take control of their finances."

Macworld Magazine (August 2007) "4/5 Personal Accountz provides a very visual overview of all your finances, with balances, money owing to you and bills to be paid."

Ebay Advisor magazine (July 2007, issue 3) "If you are after a program to look after your money, there are few better than this." - Editor's Choice Award

The Sunday Telegraph (13th May 2007) "This does everything you'd expect including planning a budget and helping you stick to it, as well as giving you an overview of your spending and assessing your net worth." - Money section p14

Computer Buyer May 2007 TOP in Ease of Use comparison survey

The Daily Express 14th March 2007 "Accounting made Simple" - Profile of by Maisha Frost

Computer Buyer March 2007 (May issue) "4/5 voted TOP in Ease of Use."

Computer Shopper February 2006 "4/5 The Accounts window is updated immediately which is one of the software's most satisfying features. Personal Accounts also makes it easy to automate entries for Direct Debits, Standing Orders, regular salary and so on. Quick and easy."

PC Answers April 2005 "85% Overall, 5/5 Value for Money: Personal Accounts is a refreshingly non-overblown Windows program...lightning quick installation...another nice touch is that you can group different accounts together... Personal Accounts is a quick and easy program to use and powerful enough to keep your finances in order"