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This shows preset entries combined with the calculator and another graph type.
Preset entries are used for transactions that you do regularly. For example, taking cash from an ATM machine. Once set up, you can enter a transaction with a single key press, then finish it by entering the amount. Other typical examples of preset entries are buying food and petrol/diesel.
The calculator component lets you add up a series of numbers (cheques about to be paid into the bank for example). The beauty of this calculator is that you can see everything you have done. You can even add a description and multiple lines. It can be used as an aid to planning in this respect.
Select any account or account group and the Paz Graph will show you a different view of your accounts. The above graph is a view of income against outgoings and includes the forecast too. The Statement graph on the left is the view from the point of view of, say, your bank (ie. it shows the result of only entries that have been reconciled with the bank).