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 Online VAT Submission


If you pay your VAT in the UK to HMRC via their online gateway, you can submit your VAT returns directly from Business Accountz using this component.

To submit a VAT return using Business Accountz you need to go to the VAT Return component.

Ensure that you have the period you wish to submit selected in the VAT Period Selector drop down box.

The first time you perform an on-line submission you must fill in the following fields, (these values will be remembered for future use):

Sender ID - To submit VAT returns on-line to HMRC you must first be registered with them. Once you have registered with their on-line gateway service you will be provided with a "Sender ID" that you must enter into this field.

VAT Registration Number - Enter your company's VAT registration number into this field.

Lock Transactions Involved - If this check box is ticked then once a submission has been successfully made the application will either:

a) set the transaction lock date to be equal to the end of the VAT period just submitted if you use accrual accounting, or

b) if you use cash based accounting, the application will lock all the transactions used to calculate the VAT return for the selected period.

Once you are ready, click the "Submit" button to start sending your VAT return.

Please note - the VAT component is not available in the Startup Kit.

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online vat submission screenshot

online vat submission screenshot

online vat submission screenshot