The Dashboard

The Dashboard feature will give you a complete overview of your finances and extremely powerful reporting. For more information on these great features please read these blog posts intended for Home Accountz V3 and Business Suite and Startup Kit users.

Encrypted Backup & Recovery

Never lose your data again... Our software will always save data locally to your computer. For extra peace of mind you can can also choose to have your backups automatically encrypted and stored remotely on our dedicated servers. Even if your computer is wiped, fails or is stolen your data will be available to you 24/7.

Accountz Tracker App

Track your expenses on the move with our mobile App. You don’t need your laptop or a bunch of receipts.. you just need your phone! All data you input will automatically be sent to your desktop software.

Multiple Installations

Why be limited to one desktop application? You can access your data on any computer you choose by using the online backup service. Simply download the software and enter your username and password. All your data will be available on the new installation; best of all any changes you make will be available on any other installations. If you choose not to use the online backup services, you may use Home Accountz V3 on 2 computers and manually transfer the data.