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The Basic Professional and Enterprise range were first developed and released in November 2013, since then development has been focused on ‘The Startup Kit’ and ‘The Business Suite’ packages.

As is traditional with buy outright software once a package reaches a certain age it is unsupported to make way for new and improved versions. You can see our previous product timeline here.

We have decided this business model was not favourable to us or our customers and generally caused tension between the company and clients. Therefore we have moved to subscription so we no longer have to unsupport any packages.

The package itself will continue to work as a stand-alone product. However it will no longer receive email support; both bookkeeping and technical, updates (these keep the system healthy) and no extras will be available to purchase.

The main issue will be updates as these keep the system working with new releases of Java and new Operating Systems, gradually there will be a decline in how effective the system is as it tries to keep up with these changes.

Eventually this can lead to a failure of the system. Obviously ‘The Business Suite’ and ‘The Startup Kit’ packages will always receive updates and will never become unsupported.

We know this is a rarity in the world of business, however we have always believed in being 100% honest with our customers.

The UK market is simply too small to sell buy outright software to UK businesses in a manner that is at a reasonable price to both parties.

Therefore we simply take a prearranged monthly or annual payment and in return we continually develop and improve your product. No random upgrade fees. No more becoming ‘unsupported’.

As stated previously your system will continue to work without moving to the new system. However without updates the system will gradually start to deteriorate, this is due to the updates your package has been receiving no longer being available.

Once these updates stop there is a possible danger of the system becoming less stable. We strongly recommend that for the safety of your data you move to one of our new packages.

However if you choose not to please ensure you keep a manual external backup of your data. Should your system run into an issue we will also be unable to resolve this issue for you.

This is the easiest upgrade process that we have ever created and has been spurred on by users having difficulty with separate installations and moving data across to different packages.

The upgrade process is now as simple as putting a new licence key into your current system. Just sign up by following the button at the top of the page, pick a package and you will be emailed a new licence key.

Just put this into your current system by going Help > Set Licence Wizard when Accountz is open. That’s it!

There is absolutely no danger to your data during this upgrade process. Plus as the Online Services are included in these new packages you can always have a 256 bit SSL encrypted online backup of your data for safe keeping.

Of course the Online Backup and Recovery is optional as it always has been.

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