Financial Planning for business owners and their businesses.

Imagine your business as a bucket. Money is coming in to try and fill it from sales and turnover. Money is flowing out trying to empty it, with, wages, rates, tax, National Insurance, marketing, fuel costs, other operational costs, professional fees, VAT etc etc. The list is endless. Oh and don't forget your own income needs too.

Furthermore, we also have assets that may be in our bucket as well as outside that we are unaware of and could be of use to us. Lifeline will help identify these and how they can be used.

Lifeline helps put you in control. It does this by focusing on your business plan and management accounts. How often are we faced with waiting for our accounts to be produced before we know what are tax is likely to be? By the time we get our accounts it is too late to do anything about it.

Lifeline believes you should be able to control your cashflow, by effective use of management accounts for the current year you are in. This will enable you to identify challenges as they arise and be in a position to act before your accounts are finalised.

Lifeline's Financial planning focuses on all aspects of your business and never assumes there is no other way of doing things. Experience has shown often its small changes that can have the greatest impact.

Many start their own business for lots of different reasons. Many stay in business because they don't know anything else. How many actually plan how to exit their business. One day you the business owner will leave your business. You may sell, you may hand it down, it may die with you. Through Lifeline's planning process we will help you plan how you want to leave your business, if you want to leave it.

Controlling cashflow is essential but what if it all goes wrong and what can be done to protect against this. Lifeline will also help business owners identify those areas where there are vulnerabilities and what can be put into place to protect against that.


Simon Panton (BSc Hons, DipFA, MIFS)

Independent Financial Planner

Director Lifeline Financial Planning Limited

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