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Home Accountz allows you to import data from third party sources, (such as Excel or legacy bookkeeping applications), in the form of CSV, QIF or OFX files.

Home Accountz has separate import wizards depending on what you are trying to import.

You can access these wizards by going to the 'File->Import' menu option.

The import wizards available are:

  • Foreign Currency Statement:- If you have bank accounts held in a foreign currency and would like to import statements from them, you can do so using this wizard.
  • Custom Transaction Data File:- If you have historic data and can save it in CSV format, you can import it into Home Accountz.
  • Payees:- If you have historic payees data in CSV format, you can import it into Home Accountz.
  • Bank / Credit Card Statement:- If you can download statements from your online bank or credit card provider, you can import them as QIF, OFX or CSV.
  • Import Existing Data:- If you have historic data from a legacy package or speadsheet, you can import using this wizard.

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