Thank you so much for purchasing Home Accountz for Dummies.

You have made an excellent decision not only for your financial health but also for your future.

Looking after your money and planning ahead is one part of life most choose to ignore, yet it has such great advantages if you do.


Where to Start?


Home Accountz is hugely flexible, in fact so flexible sometimes it can be hard to know what to do first.

So we suggest you start with your main bank account. Grab your latest bank statement and do the following:

  1. Enter your opening bank balance. This is the balance shown at the start of your statement.
  2. Add in all the transactions shown on your statement. Use your new Home Accountz for Dummies guide to show you how to do this.
  3. As you are adding your transactions, check your account balance in the Accounts view (it’s the first button after the Easy Steps button in the main toolbar).
  4. As you are doing this you need to think about what each transaction was for. Perhaps it was your weekly supermarket shop, or maybe you filled your car. Whatever it was you will need an account to record it in. That way you can analyse your expenditure and stay in control.

Once done you will have a great idea of how the basics work.

We would also love to see you in the Home Accountz Forum. Meet with your fellow ‘Home Accounters’ and discusss problems, tactics and strategies.

You now have a fantastic financial tool at your fingertips and a great Dummies guide to help you use it.

Thanks once again. Ltd


Please be aware that the information/screenshots in Home Accountz for Dummies were accurate at the time of printing and occasionally features may be updated/look slightly different.