Dashboard Reports

Our latest addition to Home Accountz V3 is the Dashboard reporting module. Giving you a clear graphical representation of your finances in the past, now and in the future.

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The Easy Steps

The Easy Steps are a great feature designed to take the stress out of doing your accounts. This component takes most of the normal tasks you do on a day to day basis and simplifies them into a number of simple steps. If you are not sure what to do, then click on the Easy Steps and follow the instructions.

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Bank Reconciliation

Our bank reconciliation tool allows you to match all payments you know you’ve made, against payments made from your bank. This is the easiest way of fighting fraud. If the numbers don’t match, you’re one step ahead of the game. Call your bank and get your money back!

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Automated Transactions with Enter Now

Automated transactions can be easily set up for your income, (wages, pension etc.), or regular payments, (standing orders or direct debits), saving you from having to enter them, and helping you project your cash flow by looking ahead at your future bank balance. The Enter Now button lets you instantly adjust the payment date.

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Template Transactions

If you often use the same supermarket, purchase petrol, or buy a newspaper, you can set up template transactions which you can then choose from a list to enter all the details, saving you time and effort.

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Account for all your investments and shares by creating your shares and assets group in Home Accountz and recording your gains or losses.

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Document Designer

Create a multitude of documents and layouts according to what you wish to report on and save these as a template which can be selected at anytime.

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This will give you a history of all amounts spent with a certain payee. Want to know how much you have spent with an energy supplier? Just click on the payee and all payments are listed for you.

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Unlimited Reports

Create and customise a wide range of user-defined reports using our powerful Views feature. There's no limit to the reports with Home Accountz - you can see exactly what you want to.

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Export to Spreadsheets

Any of the table views and balances can be exported straight out as a CSV file.

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Bank Statement Import

If you have online banking you can export your bank statements and import them into Home Accountz V3.

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Import Data

If you have data that you wish to import, as long as it is in OFX, QIF or CSV, you can import it into Home Accountz V3.

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Budgeting & Forecasting

See what you spent last month and adjust your budget accordingly. We aim to have you earning more than you spend. Break the end of the month routine, stop anxiously waiting until payday. We’ll help you have money throughout the month, and have some left over to save for a rainy day!

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Platform Independent (Mac, Windows, Linux)

Home Accountz is multi-platform software, offering a solution for all customers. You can transfer files seamlessly from one platform to another.

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Password Protection

Password protect your file, especially useful for shared computers in your home, so that only you can open your data.

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Unlimited Accounts

There are no limits to the number of accounts (categories) you can create. Home Accountz V3 is supplied with a list of accounts that you can easily rename, add to or remove, to suit your personal needs.

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Multi Currency

In Home Accountz V3 you can record any transactions in any currency, and also have dollar, euro etc bank accounts.

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Mobile App

There's also a mobile expense tracker app to support Home Accountz V3 users on the go!

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Unlimited Files

If you would like to have separate files in Home Accountz for you and your family, there is no limit inside each installation.

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Desk Diary

Need to remember to pay a bill on a certain date? or birthdays? Just setup a reminder in the desk diary.

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Online Backup Service

Accountz Online Backup and Recovery feature enables you to utilise the internet to safely and securely backup, and access, your Accountz data. This service is exceptionally simple to use, anywhere in the world, as long as there is an internet connection.

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