Personal Finance Software

Our personal finance software has been developed since 1991, that’s nearly 30 years of providing our clients with the best finance software available on the market.

We are proud, not only of the abilities of this software, but of the level of personal finance assistance that you can expect with this package. For the lifetime of the product we will continue to support your money management, by providing you with free bookkeeping help via email.

Our philosophy is simple: Show your Net Worth, Track Your Spending, and use our Budgeting Tool to ensure that you plan for your future.

  • Consolidate your finances
  • Show your net worth
  • Manage your spending
  • Secure 256 bit SSL encryption
  • Budget for your future
  • Exceptional free email support
  • Unlimited reporting
  • Online services
  • Accountz mobile app
  • Multi platform Windows, Mac and Linux

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Consolidate your finances

We all know the story. It’s reached the end of the month, you've checked your available balance and have created a budget for your remaining money to last you until payday.

Then all of a sudden you are overdrawn because you used your card at the beginning of the month and the money has only just been taken from your account. We ensure that no matter how many bank accounts you have, you know exactly how much is in which account.

Never go overdrawn again and ensure you are never caught out, with the help of our Money Manager!

Manage your spending

Our philosophy is simple; Track your spending, use our reporting structure to find out where you are overspending and then use our budgeting tool to ensure that you plan for the future.

Our reports allow you to see how much of your personal finance you’re spending on categories such as food, nights out and petrol. This enables you to understand which shops, pubs or garages you are spending in.

Accountz bookkeeping software is fully editable so you can rest assured that it will match your personal needs no matter what your lifestyle!

The Online Services

When you use Accountz to control your finances, your records will always be kept on your own computer. This way, we ensure that your password protected records will always be available to you regardless of internet connection.

As an optional extra you may take advantage of our 256 bit SSL encrypted Online Backup service. This allows you to access your data on multiple computers, make online backups and input your expenses into your smart phone. The online services are offered free for your first year as a Home Accountz V3 user.

We have many users who have reservations about using web-based solutions. Therefore, if you don’t feel comfortable with your data being stored on the Cloud, you have the option to continue using Accountz without these extra features and manually backup and transfer on up to 2 computers.

We at Accountz believe that our combination of a desktop package, combined with the best features of the cloud provides a unique money management solution, giving you tremendous security over your financial records.

The Accountz Mobile app

Available for iOS , Android and Amazon Kindle , you can now track your expenses on the go with our Expense Tracker app! Take some money out a cash point or buy a pint at the pub and instantly enter this into your Accountz system.

We are making sure that keeping on top of your personal finance is hassle free, so you always know exactly how much money is in your bank account! No more waiting for debits to leave the bank!

Automatic debits

Accountz will track any recurring incoming payments or out outgoing transactions for you automatically. Simply set the type of transaction, the amount and which category the transaction is going to, along with the payee.

Your personal finance software will then input this data for you, taking the weight off your shoulders and allowing you to spend less time managing your finances.

Check for fraud

By tracking your every day cash spending on our mobile app, and then importing your bank statement directly into the system at the end of the month, you can reconcile your bank account and discover any unauthorised transactions that may have taken place.

This is a very simple yet effective method of monitoring your account and ensuring that all your outgoings are legitimate.*

* Please note that this is not a foolproof method of combating fraud, and the best defence is always being wary of who you give your details to and where you use your card.

Budget for the future

Budgeting is a vital part of monitoring your personal finance, it allows you to create headroom so that you never overspend and helps you to put aside money for a holiday, new car or even just for a rainy day.

You can make a budget based on your historical spending, allowing you to both adjust your spending habits and make full use of the money that is available to you.

Budget for annual, monthly, weekly and daily spending to ensure that you are always on top of your finances.

Power of attorney

Many of our customers use this system in order to track the finance of friends, family members or dependents that are under their care.

Using Accountz, means we will provide you with a proper financial record of spending, for submission to any authority who ask you to provide this information.

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