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Central to the V3 edition of our software is the Easy Steps feature. It is situated on the left of the main tool bar, at the top of the application. If you don't have the Easy Steps icon showing, then it means you are using an earlier version of the software. If this is the case there is an upgrade available for all existing users. Please contact Accountz, or visit our online shop for pricing details.

Easy Steps takes most of the normal tasks you do on a day to day basis and simplifies them into a number of simple steps. If you are not sure what to do, then click on the Easy Steps icon and follow the instructions.

When you click on Easy Steps a new panel will open with a number of options across the top. Click on each section header, (e.g. 'Buy/Pay'), to see the options within that section.

As you step through a particular process you will see a Step History in a panel on the right. You can click directly on any step shown to return to it. You can also navigate at the bottom, both forwards and backwards.

The final step for each process is the Finish button. Clicking on this will automatically generate a new transaction. You can see any transaction by looking at the relevant transaction table.

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