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The Desk Diary component consists of 2 panels. The left panel contains the calendar itself - today's date has a black square outline, and dates with entries relating to them are coloured in red.

You can select a date by left clicking it. When you do so, the selected date is shaded in blue.

The right panel is where you can create, edit and delete entries. You can view all future diary entries and create a prioritised 'To Do list'. There are 4 tabs above this table:

Diary Entries

This tab shows all your diary entries for the date selected. Left clicking on a red date will take you directly to this tab. The Reminder Status field shows if you have any reminders set for these entries.

Update Diary

This is where you create/edit/delete calendar entries, and set reminders for them. The top half of the table has two fields, Title, where you enter the title of your new entry, and Notes, where you can enter a more in-depth description of this entry. These fields are also where you would edit an existing entry (N.B. data entered in these fields is automatically saved).

Future Entries

This field shows a complete list of your future diary entries (relative to today's date). Double-clicking on any entry will take you to the Update Diary where you can edit/delete/set a reminder for this entry.

To Do List

Here you can create a list of pressing tasks and give them a priority value (on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being most urgent).

The table has 2 columns, 'To do' and 'Priority'. The first details a description of any task you have added to this list, the second relates its level of urgency.

Not available in the Startup Kit version of Business Accountz.

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