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 Cost Centres


In this component you can create one or more projects, (or 'Cost Centres'), associate sales and purchases with any given project and therefore generate mini Profit & Loss reports on that basis.

Simply create a new Cost Centre by clicking on the icon in the menu structure, and then click the plus icon to create your first project.

The projects can be as detailed as required, or simply just a name for reference purposes.

This feature enables a new column which can be used in the Sales Ledger, Purchase Ledger and the Transfer Ledger.  Any transaction recorded in the system can then be linked to a specific project which builds a comprehensive Profit & Loss for the cost centre.

The Cost Centres component can be used for a variety of reasons such as; Sub Contractors, Multiple Shops, Property Management or Consultancy just to name a few.

See in an instant, which area of your business is the most profitable, giving you more control on the areas to be addressed.

Not available in the Startup Kit version of Business Accountz.

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