strikes home with Accountz

With over 200,000 visits per month, Landlordzone is recognised across the UK as one of the most popular and well-respected websites servicing landlords and property managers.

Launched in 1999 by entrepreneur Thomas Entwistle, the portal provides a free comprehensive service to landlords, tenants, letting agents and other property professionals with 50,000 members and a thriving online community. The business is also supported by sister websites and and employs four part-time members of staff.

Thomas Entwistle uses Business Accountz to run Landlord Zone.

The business accounts were initially handled through a spreadsheet system, which was both time consuming to manage and complicated to maintain. If the Landlordzone business proposition was to grow, Thomas needed to search for an accounting software tool that would make bookkeeping simple and empower him to control his accounts more effectively.

Thomas had been using accounting software to manage his personal bookkeeping for many years. He had discovered a package called Personal Accountz when researching various different accounting options online. Unlike a lot of its competitors, the product had glowing reviews from other users so he purchased the package, which he immediately found easy and straightforward to use.

Having already used Personal Accountz, Thomas was familiar with how the program worked. He researched several different business accounting software options and eventually selected Business Accountz as he was accustomed to the intuitive interface and many of its powerful yet simple to use features.

Thomas Entwistle, director and owner of Landlordzone, said: “One of my main priorities was to select a package for the business that could enable the bolting on of customer and supplier databases, which would in-turn take the pain out of day-to-day bookkeeping.”

“Cost and time management was also a major driver and I liked the fact that with Accountz it was just a straightforward one-off payment for the product. Having signed a service contract with Accountz, any additional add-ons and updates to the product were free and there were no hidden costs, as there are with other vendors,” he continued.

Landlordzone started by trialing the Business Accountz Basic package before migrating to the more feature-rich Enterprise version and opting for a service contract. The company had found that when it came to bookkeeping, forecasting and budgeting, Business Accountz was a very comprehensive and empowering product and Thomas wanted to get the very best out of the Accountz offering.

“Thanks to Accountz, our accounting is now done with a minimum number of clicks. VAT is calculated with ease and suppliers and customer payments are managed more efficiently,” stated Thomas.

“We have also found that the level of support we have received from Accountz to be first rate. Both accounting and technical support have helped us substantially when we have changed bookkeepers and there are ample forums, webinars and training sessions that have assisted us in expanding our knowledge of how the product works.”

“We are now truly getting the most out of the Accountz package and wouldn’t hesitate in recommending it to other small business owners, entrepreneurs and property professionals,” he concluded.