Accounting software for small businesses

What is Business Accountz?

Our accounting software for Mac, Windows and Linux was first issued over 20 years ago. Additional features have been constantly added and we are proud of our program which is easy to use but also incredibly powerful and robust. You can send invoices and purchase orders and keep control over your customers and suppliers, and money due from and to them. If you are in the United Kingdom you can submit your VAT returns direct to HMRC. Many of our customers are in other countries and the program allows them to set appropriate VAT or sales tax rates.

The accounting is outstanding but one of our founders is a Chartered Accountant and it has always been important to us that you get the key management information that business owners need, therefore you can run numerous financial reports and there are a host of features to help you run your business.

We like it when our customers value their relationship with our team. This was behind our decision to provide outstanding bookkeeping support as something which is exclusively available to users of Accountz.

Don’t choose between security and flexibility

Accountz is unique.

You keep your data on your own desktop so you own it and it will be there if the internet is not available or if a server crashes or is hacked. In parallel with this the Online Services enable you to have a 256bit SSL encrypted cloud back-up and to access and enter data remotely. Thus you can have the flexibility offered by cloud dependent packages such as Kashflow or Freeagent.

We do have a number of customers who refuse to trust the cloud under any circumstances and so our desktop accounting software will run perfectly well without using these extra features.

Free bookkeeping advice

If you have any bookkeeping question big or small our in-house experts are here to help. We have a really quick turnaround time on our email service and we specialise in turning beginners into pros!

We also offer Telephone Support, we can take a remote access session with you and help you with any hurdles with 1 to 1 tutorials!

File your VAT return online

Generate and submit your VAT returns directly to HMRC from the software in one click. If you are registered Flat Rate, Cash Accounting, VAT MOSS or even Standard Accrual, Business Accountz can do the hard work so you don’t have to!

Users in other countries can adjust rates to meet local requirements.

Comprehensive Reporting

Whether you want the “big picture”, something specific or just your bank account, you can obtain numerous reports. Immediately see what’s owed to you, what you owe to suppliers and how much is in the bank.

You can analyse any area of your business and see what is working for you or what is not! Gain greater control of your business by examining the profitability of different product lines, services or branches.

We’re not just accounting software for business, we’re a business management solution

Our software may be simple to use but it is not simple accounting software! It provides everything you need to run your business, budget for the future and manage its different areas.

We help with everything from Customer & Supplier Management, Product / Service Management and you can even automate your sales and expenses leaving you more time to spend on your business

We work well with your Accountants

Your Accountant can have an installation on their computer completely free of charge! Any changes they make on their installation of Accountz will sync automatically to your Accountz, and vice versa.

Meaning you and your accountant are always up to date. It might even save you some money too!

If your Accountant has any queries get them to call us on 01354 691650.

We don’t tie you into a contract

Why tie yourself into a contract?

Don’t sign any agreement or force yourself into a nasty cancellation policy! We have so much faith that you will love our software that we just don’t feel the need. That is why we operate on a rolling month by month contract.

We’re a personal team

We are different and we care.

No getting lost in the system, no waiting days for an e-mail response, no feeling like a statistic!

We promise you the most personal service of any accounting software supplier!

Take a trial, call the office on 01354 691650 or e-mail and find out for yourself!

  • "I love using Accountz, but what I love more is how they made a complicated subject so simple.
    They held my hand through the trial and when I was finished I felt like an expert"

  • "About two years ago after some research I started working with
    and with complete honesty and a terrible cliché, it was like a breath of fresh air"

  • "I find the system very intuitive and clear with real time balance sheet and profit and loss account always available"

  • "From my very first dealings with I was instantly impressed"

  • "I have been a Business Accountz user (and previously a Personal Accountz user) for a considerable time. I can thoroughly recommend the software"

  • "In my opinion it can't be beaten. If you still haven't made up your mind to buy it, please don't hesitate"