Making Tax Digital for VAT

With the new initiative from HMRC having gone live on 1st April 2019, our development team has been working away on the new component with HMRC to ensure all of our Business Accountz subscribers can submit their VAT returns to HMRC's new MTD gateway. We are on their list of recognised software providers here

As a subscriber to either The Startup Kit+VAT or Business Suite you can now submit MTD VAT returns if you are required to.

For more information on Making Tax Digital for VAT and if you are affected, please see more here: Making Tax Digital for VAT and Accountz

Accounting software for small businesses

What is Business Accountz?

Our business accounting software was first issued over 20 years ago by a fully qualified Chartered Accountant, and contains everything your business needs to keep track of money matters. Fully compatible with Mac, Windows and Linux operating systems, as well as offering a huge range of features, including super-secure and flexible access, our accounting software is perfect for small businesses, consultants and freelancers alike.

Why choose Accountz business software?

Having been founded by an accountant, we’re passionate about tracking, analysing and monitoring money and, as such, we have continued to develop and invest in additional features throughout the years. The result is a powerful and robust, yet easy to use program that we are extremely proud of.

Our fully comprehensive and feature-rich dashboard allows you to manage invoices, purchase orders and keep control over your customers and suppliers, including keeping a detailed record of incoming and outgoing cash flow. All presented in a concise and easy to interpret user interface, making it suitable for sole traders, small enterprises and mid level businesses alike.

Whilst the Accountz software does allow you to submit your VAT returns directly and seamlessly to HMRC, it is completely functional internationally and offers the option to configure tax settings as per your country of trade.

The accounting features offered within our dashboard are outstanding, providing you with the key management information that business owners need. You can also run numerous, detailed or high level financial reports and there are a host of additional optional features to help you run your business, such as free bookkeeping advice.

We highly value each and everyone of our customers, which is why we make it a priority to build and maintain strong working relationships.

Don’t choose between security and flexibility

Accountz is unique.

For complete accessibility to your private data, your software is available on your desktop, so you can reach your information without internet access, or in the event of a server crash. In conjunction with the desktop application, the Online Services enable you to have a 256 bit SSL encrypted cloud backup, with the added ability of remote access….In business terms, that’s a whole lot of flexibility and security for your data.

We understand that some customers prefer to not to have their information stored on the cloud, so we have ensured that our desktop accounting software runs perfectly without the use of the cloud related features.

Free bookkeeping advice

If you have any bookkeeping questions, big or small, our in-house experts are here to help. We know that our business needs to move at the same speed as yours, so you can expect a fast response time on our email service to address any queries.

We also offer Telephone Support, we can take a remote access session with you and help resolve any hurdles with 1 to 1 tutorials.

VAT report and online submission

Generate and submit your MTD or non MTD VAT returns directly to HMRC. If you are registered Flat Rate, Cash Accounting or Standard Accrual, Business Accountz can do the hard work so you don’t have to.

You can view how much you owe in VAT to HMRC on a day to day basis. With cash flow being integral to a small business, this ensures there are no nasty surprises at the end of the quarter.

Users elsewhere in the world can adjust the rates to meet local requirements.

In depth analysis of sales and expenses

Using the Accountz dashboard inside the software, you can compare sales income and expenditure, which is fully categorised to allow you to fully analyse your business. By having such a wealth of information, you can easily see where opportunities exist to diversify your products and services, or to see where cuts could be made on expenditure to maximise profit.

The insightful dashboard allows you to compare financial performance over defined periods of time, isolate different sales and expense accounts for analysis, and even view your selected data as bar and pie charts, making it simple to present to other directors or investors etc. The data can be shown as monetary or percentage values, so you don’t have to work them out manually.

Manage overdue invoices & expenses

With the simple way in which our dashboard presents information, you can get real time updates on how much your business is owed by customers or clients, as well as the amounts you owe out to suppliers. In contrast to many other accounting software packages on the market, our dashboard offers extreme ease of use with the same, if not more, financial and management information available to view.

In addition to being able to analyse an overview of overdue invoices and expenses, individual items can also be looked into to allow you to view overdue amounts by individual customer or supplier. The information presented in this section of the software is invaluable in helping identify trends of poor payers and allowing you to take appropriate action to protect your business and preserve a positive cash flow. Those with overdue invoices can be contacted directly from inside the platform, where the capabilities to send a reminder or mark the items as paid are also available. As a true end to end facility, Accountz software allows you to manage everything from one place.

Customer management system and invoicing

As an additional benefit alongside the financial management tools, Accountz software has a basic CRM system integrated into the package. Users can assign sales and purchases to client or customer accounts where a historical record will be built up that can be easily accessed.

Nothing can claim to be a true financial management system without invoice creation capabilities. Invoices produced by our business accounting software are fully customisable and can be created instantly with ease so that they’re ready to be sent in minutes via email or post.

Live profit and loss reporting

Profit and loss reporting is a feature of our software that we consider vital to any business, particularly when you are an SME. Extensive, in depth and higher level profit and loss reports can be produced to show data in a quarterly, monthly or weekly format, as required. With the built in comparison tool, users are able to compare profit and loss historically on an annual basis. For ease of interpreting the information that is presented, this is all done on the same Line Graph and can be done over multiple years, allowing you to identify and prepare for seasonal trends within your business.

We don’t tie you into a contract

Why tie yourself into a contract?

We are so confident that you will love our accounting software, that we operate on a rolling month by month contract. This means that you won’t be tied into a long contract, with a tricky cancellation policy, because we just don’t feel the need to keep you tied down.

Take a trial and e-mail and find out for yourself!

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    and with complete honesty and a terrible cliché, it was like a breath of fresh air"

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