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Bank Statement Import


If you can download statements from your online bank or credit card provider, you can import them into Home Accountz using this wizard. You can import into Home Accountz V3 as QIF, OFX or CSV.

This wizard only supports importing statements for your base currency. (If you have a statement from a foreign bank or credit card, please use the Foreign Currency Statement import wizard instead).

The import wizard is made up of the following steps:

  • Choose the data file you wish to import
  • Specify the account the statement is for, (Optional Step - might not be needed)
  • Label the columns of your import file, (Optional Step - might not be needed)
  • Specify date format in file, (Optional Step - might not be needed)
  • Define 'From / To / Other Account' values found in import file
  • Specify default values
  • Preview data to be imported

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