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Bank Reconciliation


Home Accountz V3 displays two figures in the top right of the Transactions tab for any account, (within the Accounts, Balances & Budgeting component), labelled ‘Current Balance’ and ‘Statement Balance’.

The Current Balance figure reflects all transactions entered against an account.

The Statement Balance figure reflects all cleared transactions against an account.

Whenever you look at the Transactions tab in any account, you will also notice a column called ‘Cleared’.

This is the column you use to verify, (aka Reconcile), your transactions against a bank statement. If a transaction is on the statement, then tick the clear box for that transaction.

You will notice that when you click the clear box for a transaction, the Statement Balance figure will update to reflect this.

When you have finished reconciling, the Statement Balance on the screen should match the balance on your actual bank statement. You can also lock individual transactions once you have cleared them. This will stop you accidentally making changes to them.

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