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  Automated Transactions


With the automated transactions feature, you can create recurring entries, (eg. direct debits), which will be automatically inserted into the correct ledger and the correct accounts.

You can create a master “automated transaction”, a pre-defined transaction containing every necessary detail about your entry.

Simply nominate a start date for the transactions to begin, the frequency, (monthly / bi-monthly), how many you wish to happen, the Total Amount, VAT Code, (if applicable), the From account and the To account.

All your direct debits and standing orders will be entered into the system without the need to enter anything.

Automated transactions can be set to avoid bank holidays and weekends and they will populate the system on the nearest available banking day. You can now also “Enter Now” your automated transactions for making your accounts faster to organise than ever before, by allowing your automated transactions to be entered earlier than programmed.

These can be used in the Sales, Purchase and Transfer ledgers.

Not available in the Startup Kit version of Business Accountz.

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