Please read on for information on Business Accountz, which is accounting software small business owners everywhere are enjoying and even finding indispensable. Business Accountz was designed for the individual who loves working for themselves but who doesn't want to spend long doing their bookkeeping.

The main advantage of using Business Accountz is that you can get your accounts done very simply and without any sort of specialist training at all. This is because the software was designed by an award-winning team who know what is really needed by people who run their own business. In October 2011 we released our Easy Steps. This has made the entering of data just about as simple as is humanly possible. The way the Easy Steps work is that you just click on it. So for instance if you are wanting to record a load of payments then you start by clicking on the 'Easy' Steps. Then click on 'Buy/Pay'. You now choose what you want to do next. So you click on, say 'Add an Expense' or 'Buy Stock for Resale' (or any of the other choices). If you are totally stuck click on 'Help Me Decide'. You will find that you can enter your details very easily using the Easy Steps. The same applies for recording any sales. Use the Easy Steps for adding accounts, deleting accounts, just about anything! Business Accountz is freely available to trial for a month so that you can see it in action for yourself and make sure that it is just what you want. Use the program on your Mac computer and your Windows or even Linux computer out of the box so even the Operating System you use will be compatible (though please trial it to ensure it will run on your version). For the accounting software small business owners everywhere are enjoying please see the link below.


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