One of the most advanced, yet simple to use accounting software packages out there is called 'Business Accountz' with a 'z' and is perfect for anyone who is not confident with accounting but is good at their business and don't want to spend every spare minute on the books. In fact they want to spend the least possible time on their bookkeeping.

Accountz starts you off with a start up wizard that basically sets you up with all the bank accounts you need and all the ordinary stuff like "are you a sole-trader", or "are you a limited company", etc etc. What this means is that once you have added in your basic business information then Business Accountz creates a full Chart of Accounts structure which means you are ready straight away to start entering the data and it's all organised in the right place so that when you want to see your P&L, trial balance, etc it's all there at the click of a button. 

As you go along you put in the entries, the VAT is calculated for you if you want it to be. Then at the VAT quarter you click the button and print out the completed VAT return and can even submit it straight from the program to HMRC online and it's done. Simply click the link below for a free trial.


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