Accounting programs are wonderful tools (when they are designed well that is!) that should enable you to get your accounts done in a fraction of the time that it would take you on paper with a pencil. Doing the business books on a computer has a distinct advantage over earlier accounting methods. This is because the information is updated immediately all over the system so that if you add in, say, a sale or a payment, your profit and loss should also immediately reflect this and you should be able to see how this affects your available cash.

Accountz programs were designed to answer the needs of small business owners everywhere. Add in your incomings and outgoings and the information will be updated in your chart of accounts so that your profit and loss will stay 'live' and relevant. You will have your finger on the pulse of your business.

Accounting packages should be simple to use from the word 'go'. If you trial a program you should be able to enter your opening balances with ease. You should be able to see within minutes how to do all the common transactions like recording your sales and the expenses and costs. Accountz is perfect for complete beginners. Click on the innovative Easy Steps, no matter what you need to do and you will be guided through each step and that's it. Of course unlike the original paper and pencil method you will need to be sure to make backups. Unlike when you have written records, computer records can be wiped out if the machine crashes. So with any accounting program you must get into the habit of backing up your machine regularly , Accountz offers this with our dedicated cloud data vault.

This is simple to do and if you make sure that side of things is covered then you will protect yourself. For one of the most intuitive accounting programs in the world trial Business Accountz and see just how straightforward keeping the business books can be.

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