Years ago people used pen and paper to do their accounts, then along came some boffins and converted that pen and paper concept to an accounting program. Now, in theory that seemed a good idea... but in practice, all they created were very hard to use pieces of software! As it is incredibly hard to program this type of software, few people attempted it. The result is that for most users, they are stuck with expensive and antiquated accounting programs or software as it is more generally called.

Even today with the advent of the cloud and so called 'software as a service', computer software for accounting is still notoriously difficult to use. For example, one leading brand takes a total of 43 steps just to create a new customer record! Another requires 14 steps to create a VAT Return Now that's enough to make you want to go back to pen and paper!

But don't fret. How about if you were to find an accounting program that did a VAT return in just a single click. And how about if you could add new customers with just 2 clicks. And on top of that, how about if you could download a trial for free so you can decide if it is for you. And what if it came with 100% free forum and email support? Well, you have come to the right place :) Business Accountz does all that and a lot more too. Download the free trial by clicking the link below.

Here's to YOUR business success.

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