Business Accountz' account software is unique. Use it to enter in all your businesses' incomings and outgoings and know just what you have in your bank at all times (provided you update your data regularly of course).

Accountz has introduced a remarkable help feature: The Easy Steps. You really have to see it to truly understand what it could do for you but we will talk about it here and hopefully inspire you to try it to see for yourself using the no-cost demo period. The Easy Steps is what you click on to get going. So for instance, imagine you have a shoe box of receipts. You choose one. It is a payment for some advertising you took out. So, click on the Easy Steps and choose the Buy/Pay option. Click on the 'Add An Expense' box. Now all you do is to add in the details one by one until it's added in. You can literally add in all your expenses and costs and all your sales invoices until the shoe box is empty. Once you have put all the data into Business Accountz then you can see the overall totals in the Chart of Accounts.

You'll be able to print a Profit and Loss Report, a Trial Balance and a Balance Sheet Report. The program will further help you as no matter what order you entered your receipts you can click on the 'Date' column and arrange the dates into date order. So for account software that saves you time because you don't have to learn how to use it, you just follow the Easy Steps until the data is all entered in please see the trial link that follows.

No longer spend hours trying to decipher manuals, just click the Easy Steps. No need to do any expensive training, just click on the Easy Steps and choose what you need to do and do it! Trial it now by filling in the form.


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