Auto-Enrolment: Why Start-Ups Need to Take Note

April 11 2016 , 0 Comments
Any business that employs fewer than 30 staff must enrol them into a pension scheme by mid 2017. For start-ups that have...
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Why Become a Sole Trader?

April 08 2016 , 0 Comments
Sole Trader Noun British A person who is the exclusive owner of a business, entitled to keep all profits after tax has...
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How Will Your Tax Change On The 6th of April 2016

March 30 2016 , 0 Comments
With the new tax year almost upon us, we take a look at the new alterations that you need be aware of...
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What to do if a client fails to pay an invoice

March 24 2016 , 0 Comments
This can can be one of the most distressing instances you can encounter whilst running a small business. Whether you are a...
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Important Tax Dates for Self-Employed Professionals

March 23 2016 , 0 Comments
When you are self employed, keeping on top of your tax and accounting is one of the most important things that you...
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Submitting A VAT Return

March 14 2016 , 0 Comments
If you are registered for VAT, you will need to submit a VAT return to HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC). A task...
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P11D Form Explained

March 11 2016 , 1 Comment
What Is A P11D? The P11D is an expenses and benefits form that needs to be completed by all employers in the...
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Accounting Success for Small Businesses

March 07 2016 , 0 Comments
It was recently reported that there were now 5.4 million small businesses in the UK and this is a figure that is...
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The Financial Side of Working Freelance

February 22 2016 , 0 Comments
Being a freelancer, regardless of the sector, is a challenging task. With the burden of it all being on your shoulders, it...
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BT Nationwide Broadband Failures

February 03 2016 , 0 Comments
It has become apparent that both commercial and residential customers of the broadband provider BT suffered over 8 hours of internet downtime...
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The Business Dashboard

January 25 2016 , 5 Comments
The Business Accountz Dashboard has been completed. If you have any questions please call 01354 691650, you will get straight through to...
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Easily submit EC Reverse Acquisitions and Flat Rate VAT

September 30 2015 , 0 Comments
This is text taken from VAT notice 700/12 'How to fill in and submit your VAT return'. VAT notice 700/12 Box 4...
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Frequently asked bookkeeping questions

September 25 2015 , 0 Comments
Please click on the question which needs to be answered, if you have any suggested questions please ask them in the comment...
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Transferring data from MS Money to Accountz

August 11 2015 , 0 Comments
Windows 10 is here and for many that have upgraded they are finding that their copy of Microsoft Money is no longer...
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MS Money won't open with Windows 10

August 06 2015 , 0 Comments
Windows 10 was released with much anticipation on the 29th July. Microsoft users who were a little disheartened by the Windows 8...
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Development blog

June 04 2015 , 0 Comments
A message from the development team. At Accountz we are always fighting to be at the forefront of technology, and with the...
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Windows 10 out 29th July 2015

June 03 2015 , 0 Comments
We are happy to report that Home and Business Accountz V3 run smoothly on the Windows 10 technical preview. As Windows 10...
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Come and join Accountz!

March 30 2015 , 0 Comments
The tax year is coming to an end and it's never been easier to change your accountancy software package! Choose to subscribe...
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The budget 2015

March 26 2015 , 0 Comments
    The budget has arrived! The budget has been announced and all in all, it was received rather positively by the...
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How do I complete a bank reconciliation?

March 25 2015 , 0 Comments
A simple guide to bank reconciliations   Reconciling your bank account is vital for a number of reasons, not only does it...
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How do I submit a VAT return?

March 25 2015 , 0 Comments
Submitting a VAT return in a minute flat. Submitting a VAT return can be a complicated or expensive process, however when you...
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Using the VAT MOSS scheme? Accountz is here to help!

January 19 2015 , 0 Comments
  What is the VAT MOSS scheme? The new MOSS scheme has been created to ‘help’ small businesses, so that they do...
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Mobile App..... Nearly there!

October 23 2014 , 0 Comments
The Accountz Mobile app has been released by Google and Apple. However, the desktop software to support them is not ready just...
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Cloud...Myth or Legend?

August 27 2014 , 0 Comments
At Accountz we have always stated your data will be saved locally onto your computer, and we will always stand by it!...
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Fiscal Year - Surviving Your Business Year End

July 22 2014 , 0 Comments
Daily processes can sometimes seem daunting enough but at some point you will need to draw a line underneath this year's figures...
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Directors Loans – what are they?

June 24 2014 , 0 Comments
One of the first questions we get asked from new customers is how to account for personal money spent on either setting...
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Good Reasons Why Small Business Software Is Essential

May 23 2014 , 0 Comments
Using business accounting software can deliver many benefits. You might think it costs a lot to automate your accounting records and of...
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Why Personal Finance Software is important to plan for your retirement

May 15 2014 , 0 Comments
With pensions at a low, the uncertainty for the future of pensions and your retirement age getting later; whether you are 18...
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Our Own SEO Story

February 21 2014 , 0 Comments
Author: George Talbot (Accountz) After several years of having a top ranking spot for ‘Accounting software’ in Google we were severely crippled...
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Tips on Getting Started in a Busy Marketplace

February 19 2014 , 0 Comments
Unless your concept is entirely original, most start-ups will have some form of pre-existing competition. While not a problem per se, it...
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The Key Advantages Small Businesses Have Over Large Competitors

February 06 2014 , 0 Comments
As a growing business you have to appreciate some of the advantages that come with being small, particularly when your most direct...
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PR - Your Secret Weapon

February 05 2014 , 0 Comments
Before I took leave of my senses and decided to chase the start up dream I worked as a graduate for one...
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A Social Media Case Study, ASOS Fashion

January 29 2014 , 0 Comments
ASOS stands for ‘As Seen on Screen’ and is intended to be a place where consumers can go to find fashion pieces...
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The Narrative of Startups, are you Building a Brand?

January 28 2014 , 0 Comments
Early stage start-ups are rarely concerned with their branding. Brand identity is often thought of as something that can be put on...
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Haven't Completed your Self Assessment Tax Return Yet?

January 27 2014 , 0 Comments
Author: George Talbot (Accountz) The deadline for submission of your online tax returns is rearing its ugly head. If you haven’t submitted...
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6 Tips for Preventing Shopping Cart Abandonment on your Website

January 25 2014 , 0 Comments
An online customer visits your eCommerce site, adds three items to their cart and then goes to the checkout … Wait, where...
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Top 5 Tips for Online Marketing

January 23 2014 , 0 Comments
It seems today that more and more start-ups are entrenched in the Internet and technology industry. Recent success stories such as Summly,...
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How to get your Start-Up Funded

January 20 2014 , 0 Comments
Ready to open a small business? Looking to push your start-up idea forward? Starting a new business requires hard work, a great...
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SEO Advice for Startup Businesses

January 20 2014 , 0 Comments
As a startup business with a new website, you’ll most likely be looking for outside help when it comes to getting your...
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The 5 Best Ways to Improve Your Lead Generation

January 15 2014 , 0 Comments
1. Establish your goals and objectives: Your company’s goal could be anything from to increase brand awareness, boost lead conversions, or improve...
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Would You Benefit From the VAT Flat Rate?

January 10 2014 , 0 Comments
Under the flat rate VAT scheme, you’d charge VAT to your customers (“output VAT”) in the normal way, and pay VAT to...
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Tax Tips for Sole Traders

January 10 2014 , 0 Comments
  Tax return and payment deadlines As a sole trader, you need to pay income tax and one kind of National Insurance,...
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Prince’s Trust Rewards Young Entrepreneurs

January 10 2014 , 0 Comments
  The Prince’s Trust was set up by Prince Charles with the sole goal of helping young, disadvantaged people make the most...
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6 Ways to Get Your Business Through the Tough Economy

January 10 2014 , 0 Comments
  Getting a business through tough economic times is, well… tough. However, as hard as it can be, it is possible. There...
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Christmas Opening Times

December 20 2013 , 0 Comments
Firstly we would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year! We are in...
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Welcome to our new website and V3!

November 08 2013 , 0 Comments
Today we have launched our new website, look and product range; V3. After months of hard work and dedication from the whole...
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