Top marks for our customer support!

August 23 2019 , 0 Comments
At Accountz we have always been proud of the support we offer. From the online manual, forums, videos, quick email responses to...
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HMRC MTD for VAT - News & updates

May 15 2019 , 0 Comments
As you know, MTD for VAT was launched by HMRC on 1st April 2019.   Sadly, (as always), it's not been a...
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Myths of MTD

April 18 2019 , 0 Comments
Making Tax Digital (MTD)   You may have heard about it from HMRC or from adverts in the media or from your...
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Making Tax Digital for VAT is released

April 02 2019 , 0 Comments
We are recognised by HMRC to offer Making Tax Digital (MTD) for VAT submissions via our Business Accountz subscriptions.   As you...
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Making Tax Digital for VAT and Accountz

October 11 2018 , 4 Comments
As we are sure you've all heard.... Making Tax Digital for VAT is on it's way in early 2019! Making Tax Digital...
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Making Tax Digital

October 25 2017 , 0 Comments
As you may have heard in the news or from your accountant, the government is introducing Making Tax Digital (MTD). This scheme...
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Why are you still using spreadsheets?

August 03 2017 , 2 Comments
You may think that there is nothing wrong with your multiple spreadsheets. That when you send out an invoice that you will...
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Buying a house - Part 1

July 26 2017 , 0 Comments
Buying a house is stressful and I’ve not even completed yet! Here are some things I’ve learned along the way which I...
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Saving money and looking after your personal finances

June 29 2017 , 0 Comments
So the election was a let down, whichever way you voted the result wasn’t expected. We as individuals, couples, families will carry...
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Working from home - Apportioning utility costs

June 13 2017 , 0 Comments
Claiming utility costs can differ if you are a sole trader or a limited company. This article is a guide for sole...
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Personal finance software: Bank import vs manual entry

June 05 2017 , 0 Comments
When it comes to your personal finances you want to keep a close eye on the in’s and out’s. You may want...
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Personal finance software for investments

May 18 2017 , 0 Comments
Most of us have investments and they can come in many forms. They can relate to items you are investing in, such...
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EC Reverse Acquisition Purchases

May 10 2017 , 0 Comments
The most regular bookkeeping mistake relating to VAT that we see is incorrectly accounted for EC Reverse Acquisition Purchases. What are they?...
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Business accounting software for farmers

May 09 2017 , 0 Comments
We have a number of customers that operate farms and use our accounting software; Business Suite and Startup, to manage their books....
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Desktop or cloud accounting for home use?

April 27 2017 , 0 Comments
If you are looking for a way to manage and budget your finances you may be overwhelmed with all the decisions to...
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Personal finance software functionality

April 12 2017 , 0 Comments
Pick and choose the features that are important to you Over the years we have been asked for various functionality and implemented...
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Cloud accounting or desktop accounting software?

April 05 2017 , 0 Comments
If you have just started a new business you may be overwhelmed with all the decisions to make regarding setting up with...
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Financial software for clubs and associations

March 29 2017 , 0 Comments
If you're looking for a way to manage your club or groups accounts, you could use a spreadsheet or you could use...
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Orange and Accountz

March 24 2017 , 0 Comments
Orange email address shut down affects Accountz customers Yesterday a customer called the office requesting a change of email address. Nothing unusual...
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Financial changes coming in 2017

March 22 2017 , 0 Comments
It probably hadn’t escaped your notice that that there are a number of changes bound to affect your personal finances this year....
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The Spring Budget 2017 and the Flat Rate Scheme

March 16 2017 , 0 Comments
There has been a lot of publicity regarding the March 2017 budget regarding class 4 National Insurance contributions but very little regarding...
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Trial to your advantage

March 07 2017 , 10 Comments
  If you are unsure about migrating to Home Accountz from your existing software, here is a recent review from a new...
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Accountz Wealth Manager

February 09 2017 , 1 Comment
At Accountz we often receive emails or telephone calls asking whether our Home Accountz package is set to a certain currency i.e....
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Pick your package

February 02 2017 , 0 Comments
So, I was speaking to a customer on the phone recently who wanted Automated Transactions which is certain feature only available in...
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Managing your money

January 19 2017 , 0 Comments
  Hello, you're probably reading this to find some insight in how to manage your finances. Well, I work for Accountz and...
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Wealth Management

January 11 2017 , 0 Comments
Track your investments and assets all in one place with our powerful, easy to use software. With the demise of Microsoft Money...
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Get ready for 2017

December 30 2016 , 0 Comments
Have you splurged over Christmas? Waistlines and wallets tend to take a hit, even if you didn’t mean to happens. Accountz...
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Accounting for Artists

December 20 2016 , 0 Comments
Do you have an interest in art? Are you an artist needing accounting software? is a UK based company writing and...
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Home Accounting Software

December 19 2016 , 0 Comments
Are you frightened of thinking about your bank balance or opening your credit card statements? Unfortunately things don’t get better if you...
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New Businesses: The Most Common Mistakes

July 28 2016 , 0 Comments
For those who start a new business venture, it is an exciting but challenging time. Your business and you as a person...
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Tips for Freelancing While Travelling

July 22 2016 , 0 Comments
Travelling the world while running your own business is the dream. The internet is filled with inspirational posts in which so-called ‘digital...
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3 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Going Freelance

July 15 2016 , 0 Comments
Many people dream of giving up the rat race and going it alone in business. Sometimes it’s a case of feeling under...
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Best Ways to Boost Your Company’s Cash flow

July 08 2016 , 0 Comments
Keeping a healthy cash flow is arguably the most important thing when you’re running a small business. You need to keep your...
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5 Unexpected Expenses for Small Businesses

June 29 2016 , 0 Comments
Starting your own business is an exciting and rewarding challenge. Emphasis should be placed on the 'challenge' part of that sentence. There...
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The Top 5 Tools Your Start-Up Needs

June 24 2016 , 0 Comments
Any financial economy relies on its brave budding entrepreneurs and the various start-ups who take the plunge in opening a new venture....
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Top 3 Habits to Follow as A Freelancer

June 15 2016 , 0 Comments
As a freelancer you have the freedom to find your way in terms of seeing how you work best. You will learn...
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4 Ways to Achieve Better Financial Forecasting

June 08 2016 , 0 Comments
As a new start up there is always an obvious risk when you begin as you cannot predict how well things will go....
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Setting Up a Home Office On a Budget

May 31 2016 , 0 Comments
You may have decided to take the plunge and set up your own business. Starting out can be a pricey affair so...
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VAT Help for E-Retail Businesses

May 26 2016 , 0 Comments
If you’re reading this, then It must mean that your e-retail business is on its way to a successful future! If in...
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5 Ways to Take Advantage of a Dip in Business

May 17 2016 , 0 Comments
For the majority of businesses in any sector, a slowdown in trade is unfortunately a likely occurrence. This can occur due to...
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Small Business Advice: Hiring Your First Employee

May 10 2016 , 0 Comments
If you’re now at the stage where you find yourself needing a member of staff to take some of the workload off...
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The Home Dashboard

May 09 2016 , 30 Comments
The Dashboard provides you with an extensive overview of your finances and provides a hugely improved reporting system. Extensive Beta testing and...
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How to Start a Business On a Shoestring Budget

May 04 2016 , 0 Comments
Starting a business is a big step in life but a great one at that. It is a highly exciting time and...
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How to Set Up a Small Business While Working On the Side

April 26 2016 , 0 Comments
For certain individuals working in full time employment, it gets to a point when they realise that they want to get away...
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The PSC Register – What Is It and What You Need to Know

April 22 2016 , 0 Comments
Small businesses in the UK will now be required to maintain a PSC register from the beginning of the tax year. If...
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Is the P11D Form Dead? New Payrolling BIK Scheme Live

April 15 2016 , 0 Comments
Starting this April, the Government will launch its new payrolling Benefits-In-Kind (BIKs) scheme, which gives employers the option to avoid submitting most...
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Auto-Enrolment: Why Start-Ups Need to Take Note

April 11 2016 , 0 Comments
Any business that employs fewer than 30 staff must enrol them into a pension scheme by mid 2017. For start-ups that have...
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Why Become a Sole Trader?

April 08 2016 , 0 Comments
Sole Trader Noun British A person who is the exclusive owner of a business, entitled to keep all profits after tax has...
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