Why are you still using spreadsheets?

August 03 2017, 2 Comments

You may think that there is nothing wrong with your multiple spreadsheets. That when you send out an invoice that you will remember to enter it onto the correct one and once you get paid you will enter the amount into the correct fields and that everything balances.

At Accountz, I talk to prospective customers every day.  These trialists spend a great amount of time in explaining to me how wonderful their spreadsheets are, how simple they are and how easy it is to tell if a customer has paid them. The only reason that they have taken a trial is that their accountant has requested that they look for something more modern.

I have spend countless hours being shown a sales sheet broken down into customers, years, projects, paid and unpaid and the same again with purchases. When I ask them can they tell me what was outstanding at the start of the financial year or what the current profit or loss is?  Quite often they will start "umming" and "arrring" and bouncing randomly from sheet to sheet.

Please don’t think that I mind, my job is to explain how much easier using accounting software will make your lives. No, it is not a magic program that will do all the work for you while you sit back and plan on spending your profits / millions, but you won’t have to remember once you have created your invoice to enter it onto a spreadsheet, entering the amounts into the correct columns and checking your auto sums.

For many of our customers Business Accountz has been their first accounting software package. It maybe that they have previously had in-house accounts departments to handle the bookkeeping and now they are self employed consultants or someone with a skill that is trying to make their own way in business. No matter the business, I personally aim to get them reconciling their bank accounts, understanding their numbers and I regularly talk to customers who are proud that their books balance (even if they used to call me names and say that it didn’t matter if they were 50p out if it doesn’t balance it’s wrong - that’s why I like numbers).

So why are you still using spreadsheets? Take a trial of our software and give me a call on 01354 691650 or e-mail support@accountz.com