Wealth Management

January 11 2017, 0 Comments

Track your investments and assets all in one place with our powerful, easy to use software.

With the demise of Microsoft Money and Intuit Quicken in the UK, many are looking for a fresh, new, alternative package to track their finances and investments.

We are a UK based company who have been developing and selling software for home and business finances for over 25 years. Home Accountz is compatible with all the latest operating systems.

With our years of experience and expertise we know what is important to our thousands of customers and have developed a program that tracks your money, is fully customisable, creates many different reports and even allows you to customise them for ultimate control. This truly is a wealth management system.

You can either import your bank statements in CSV, OFX and QIF format or manually enter your data.  There is no limit to the number of accounts, (or if you prefer, categories), you can create. Home Accountz is currency neutral for your base currency but also has multi currency functionality.

Manage your investments by recording the cost of shares bought and sold, then manually keep track of their value with one entry. Create a report for your self-assessment tax return by creating a new view and then export the data into a spreadsheet or print it as a PDF directly from the built-in document designer.

See your net worth in a glance with the Dashboard and drill down into this to show which accounts contribute to this figure.

The Look Ahead dashlet will track how your finances look in the future based on standing orders and direct debits created in the system.

Analyse where you are spending and making your money and take a free 14 day trial, emailing our team if you have any questions.