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March 07 2017, 10 Comments


If you are unsure about migrating to Home Accountz from your existing software, here is a recent review from a new convert:

Hooray! At last an accounting software that has been able to import all my Microsoft Money files! It’s like a breath of fresh air working with Home Accountz!

I recently bought an iMac, therefore changing from Windows 7 to OS Sierra. I have been using MS money for 12 years and did not want to lose all my carefully entered data. I spent some time researching online for a software package and kept getting Quicken as the software for importing MS Money, so after having spent many a frustrated hour (mainly on hold) to Quicken in America, they told me that I could import all my data. I had to buy a CD from the States, only to find out that when the CD finally arrived, it didn’t support my version of MS money even though I told Quicken which version it was! So I wasted £50, time and effort.

After doing more research I found that the “Which” magazine recommended “Home Accountz”, and being a UK based company pleased me even more. I spoke with a very friendly lady at Home Accountz at about 4.50pm on a Friday afternoon and she immediately e-mailed me the 14 day free trial link along with a very detailed description on how to prepare my MS money files for export, and even sent me pictures showing the process. I followed the instructions very carefully and exported them successfully onto a USB stick.

I did need a bit of help to do the importing of my MS money files and although “Home Accountz” do have free online and e-mailing support, I prefer to speak to someone, so I went for the telephone support option which does cost £69 but you get someone answering the phone immediately and I have never been put on hold. They are all very knowledgeable, friendly and really helped me to sort out and tidy up my accounts.

My old MS Money accounts are all there, so if I need to look back at anything I can. The support team gave me great advice about setting up a new file and I decided to only take this current Tax years accounts forward. I find the “Accountz” system much more user friendly than my MS Money, it is light, bright and refreshing to work with and it is worth spending the time to get it how you want it.

I can highly recommend Home Accountz.


March 2017

We have been asked many questions from new and potential customers, so here are the answers to the most common:

Is your software online?

The software is desktop based. It can be installed on more than one computer, however  it cannot be used on both computers at the same time as it’s not multi-user.

What are the ongoing costs?

The Online Services (Online backups, Mobile App and Dashboard) are free for the first 12 months. After this you can choose whether to subscribe for a further 12 months to these services. You can still use Home Accountz without the Online Services.

Do I have to use the online services?

You do not have to use all the Online Services, you can pick and choose which ones you want to use. So you can activate the mobile app and not use the Online Backups. The Dashboard will appear in the program if you have an active Online Services subscription.

I have 15 years worth of Quicken/MS Money data can I import this into Home Accountz?

By far the most asked question has been about importing Quicken or MS Money data. Home Accountz can import QIF files, this means you will need to export your data from these programs in this format.

We cannot guarantee the import process, as each version seems to be different. However, you can download the trial and test this before buying and we will try our best to help you via email. You may find it easier to start a new file with opening balances.

I have taken a trial before, can I trial again?

Yes you can.  If you have any problems reinstalling please email the office.

I can't import my QIF file, File>Import is greyed out..

You will need to create a new file in Home Accountz before you can import. To do this go to File> New and follow the steps.

If you have any questions at all you would like us to answer please email we have a quick turnaround and will usually answer within a few hours (except on weekends).