Tips for Freelancing While Travelling

July 22 2016, 0 Comments

Travelling the world while running your own business is the dream. The internet is filled with inspirational posts in which so-called ‘digital nomads’ share the endless highlights of funding their travel through freelancing. While the lure of building your business from a beach in Bali might be tempting, it isn't all sunshine and roses. Before deciding to take the digital nomad route, there are some important factors to consider.

Develop your time management skills

If you’re regularly crossing time zones, this will have an impact on how you interact with your clients. Having impeccable time management skills will help you to manage your varied workload and keep up with all of your commitments. There’s nothing worse than realising that 8am deadline passed three hours ago because of the time difference.

Keep a close eye on your finances

Running out of money when you’re halfway to your next destination could be disastrous. It’s not like running out of money at home when you can just survive on the contents of your fridge and not go out for a few days. If you’re using freelancing to fund your travels, you will need to account for every single penny and cent. Keep track of your finances with personal finance software so you always know where the next plane ticket is coming from.

Network as you go

If you’re working in popular freelancing spots, you’ll probably meet a lot of people in a similar situation. Instead of thinking as other freelancers as the competition, try to think of them as an opportunity to network. Travelling the world is a great way to meet new people, and if your business relies on making new connections to find new business, this could be a really valuable tool to grow your business.

Be prepared for hard work

Just because you’re working from a beach bar in Thailand, it doesn’t mean the work will be any less laborious. If anything, you’ll have to work even harder to fight off the temptation to clock out early and enjoy a cocktail. Working while travelling requires a huge amount of willpower, from controlling your working day to keeping your personal finances in check. It can be a struggle, but the rewards are often worth the effort.