Pick your package

February 02 2017, 0 Comments

So, I was speaking to a customer on the phone recently who wanted Automated Transactions which is certain feature only available in our top accounting software package; Business Accountz Suite.

He had seen emails from us about the benefits of this package but didn’t want to upgrade as it looked too complicated for his needs.

You would think having lots of features in a product would be a good thing. Over the years we have been asked for this functionality and implemented it, so why are customers put off by a feature packed upgrade?

The answer (as far as I can see) is that some customers just want to do their books, they want to log Sales, Purchases, submit the VAT returns and produce quick reports for the accountant. Automated Transactions makes this simple process much quicker, as you set up the standing orders and direct debits and the program enters them for you ... less work ... very handy.

Yes, upgrading gives you more … likely much more than you wanted but the thing is, Business Accountz is pretty much completely customisable. You can’t change the column titles but we have hidden columns which can be shown really easily or you can remove columns which aren’t useful. You can also move the columns around so input is easy for you.

Components can be removed from the top i.e if you are not interested in Cost Centres or Product Management, remove the icon in the configuration and it’s like it doesn’t exist. You can even bring them back at a later date if you decide you wanted to start using them.

To our existing customers, don’t be put off by upgrading, you can pick and choose what you see and to all our potential customers give us a try, during our 14 day trial you can give us a call and we will show you what it can do.