Personal finance software functionality

April 12 2017, 0 Comments

Pick and choose the features that are important to you

Over the years we have been asked for various functionality and implemented it where possible. Some customers just want to log income and expenses and look at the balances for each account so they know where they stand.

home finance functionality

You may want to import bank statements, we can import CSV, OFX and QIF files. Or you could use our automated transactions  feature makes this process of logging the ins and outs much quicker, as you set up the standing orders and direct debits and the program enters them for you ... less work ... very handy.

Our accounting software lets you decide which way works best for you.

You can pretty much completely customise Accountz to how you want it. You can’t change the column titles but we have hidden columns which can be shown really easily or you can remove columns which aren’t useful. You can also move the columns around so input is easy for you.

Components can be removed from the top i.e if you are not interested in the Easy Steps, remove the icon in the configuration and it’s like it doesn’t exist. You can even bring them back at a later date if you decide you wanted to start using them. You probably didn’t realise there are hidden components like the desk diary or a handy calculator.

If you're a current customer please email us for further information on any of the above or if you are looking for new personal finance software you can email us too or why not take a free 14 day trial.