Personal finance software for investments

May 18 2017, 0 Comments

Most of us have investments and they can come in many forms. They can relate to items you are investing in, such as a house or stocks but also can refer to savings accounts like ISAs or bonds.

A personal finance software program is a great way to keep track of all your investments. With Home Accountz all your account balances are in one place so you can check your financial worth really quickly without having to go rooting around your filing cabinet (or shoebox under the bed) to find out what you have and how much they are worth. All your figures are there to see and can be updated instantly to reflect your current financial situation.

Investment growth

Entering your interest returns and keeping track of interest rates can tell you a lot about whether it’s time to ditch one provider/stock and find a new one or stay put.

In Home Accountz you can create as many investment accounts as you like and group them together to find the total value of your assets. The same with any liabilities, group your mortgage, credit card debt or any money that you owe and let the software work out where you are financially. After all it’s your money, why not know how it’s working for you.

To start tracking your finances and look after your investments, take a 14 day trial Home Accountz and email us with any questions.