Orange and Accountz

March 24 2017, 0 Comments

Orange email address shut down affects Accountz customers

Yesterday a customer called the office requesting a change of email address. Nothing unusual there but the reason for doing this was because the Orange email account being used was being shut down at the end of May 2017.

This was a surprise to our staff member who had an fsmail account and was totally unaware that this was happening!  After helping the customer we did an internet serach for “fsmail closing down” and found the following article from the EE website:

Our Online Backup service for Home Accountz and Business Accountz uses an email address to identify you on the server. If your subscription for Online Backup ends you will need to login into the Accountz Hub to renew and this requires an email to be sent to your address that's registered. This is a problem if your email address has been shut down.

Don’t panic your email address can be changed and we are in the process of emailing customers that will be affected with instructions that needed to be taken.

If you have any queries about this or need guidance on how to create a new email account please do email us at