Get ready for 2017

December 30 2016, 0 Comments

Have you splurged over Christmas?

Waistlines and wallets tend to take a hit, even if you didn’t mean to happens. Accountz can’t help you with your waistline. However, when it comes to your to spending we can help you budget, forecast and save for the coming year.


If you have been surprised by the amount you’ve spent..unexpected troubles, our personal finance software can keep you in the know. Because you can’t predict the future, you can try to manage your finances in a way that tells you how much you have in your accounts, on your credit cards and in savings and whether you will go overdrawn. Handy to stop unexpected bank charges being applied.

You could try saving money by putting your spare change in a bottle. We think you will make a much bigger difference if you buy Home Accountz, that way you will start to see real opportunity for savings and not just the standing orders that you should have cancelled years ago.

You can start your new year with a new file in our package, entering opening balances or even importing transactions from your bank*

Trial Home Accountz free for 14 days and e-mail us with any questions to

*Subject to bank download format