Financial software for clubs and associations

March 29 2017, 0 Comments

If you're looking for a way to manage your club or groups accounts, you could use a spreadsheet or you could use Home Accountz.

Our personal finance software differs from others available on the market. We use double entry bookkeeping in a way that is very easy for non-accountants, but gives you the reports you need. By making it as simple as telling the software where the money came FROM (credit) and where it goes TO (debit), each transaction automatically updates the balance of each account.

Club Finances


You can easily create groups and categories specific to you and your clubs needs. You can keep track of money coming in from members or grants received as well as any expenses incurred.

With the Dashboard you can visually see if the expenses are greater than the income with a breakdown of whether it’s hall costs or uniforms that are costing the most or if certain fundraising events raise more than others.

Charity expenses

Other features available include bank reconciliation, regular payment automation, import and export functionality and a way to keep track of investments. We have a highly secure online cloud backup facility, but your records can also be stored on your own desktop computer if you prefer to keep your data stored locally. Our mobile app ensures you can log your expenses on the go. For a full list of features, click here.

Our program works on Windows and Mac and you can create as many files as you like, which makes managing more than one club/associations' accounts really easy.

Although the software isn’t multi-user (two people cannot use it at the same time), you can install the program on two computers. Sign up with Accountz using a generic email address, that way when a new treasurer starts they can have access to the data and the password can be updated to keep the clubs finances secure.

Trial Home Accountz free for 14 days and e-mail us with any questions to