Cloud accounting or desktop accounting software?

April 05 2017, 0 Comments

If you have just started a new business you may be overwhelmed with all the decisions to make regarding setting up with equipment, premises, staff, marketing and finance.

Keeping track of your income and expenses is a fundamental aspect to your business. Having an easy to use accounting software package will make all the difference when it comes to keeping on top of bookkeeping.

There are so many different packages available, some are Cloud based some Desktop based, some free or paid for. Ultimately, you will need to choose a package that's right for you, whatever that may be.

Accounting software

Here are some points to consider:-


Cloud based solutions are great if you need many users to be able to access the books. You will be able to limit who accesses which sections of the data. However, you may find that entering data is not possible if you have no Internet access. Desktop software will work regardless of the internet speed/availability.

Security and Backups

With Cloud the data is stored on a server so you do not need to worry about making backups of the data. Desktop applications make a local backup so again if the Internet goes down, your data is safe and secure. Many people worry about the security of data on the internet, this is rarely a problem with the more reputable providers although even some of these have in the past have had outages caused by hackers.


Online systems usually involve a monthly cost for the service. Buying desktop software may be a one -off cost but can also operate on a monthly basis.

Installation and updates

There is no installation needed for online services, you will just need internet access with username and password, updates are done automatically. Desktop allow you install and have greater control over where you store the software and whether you install updates or not. 


Cloud services can be accessed from anywhere that has an internet connection and a browser (i.e Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari or Chrome) so whichever operating system you use it will not matter. There are some desktop applications that are also multi-platform so you do not need to worry about whether you use Windows, Mac or Linux.


Online services sometimes carry advertisements from other companies, this is not usually found in desktop software.

The Solution...

Accountz offers the best of both worlds with the Business Accountz Suite, our simple business accounting software is completely multi-platform, so moving data from Windows to Mac and back again is not a problem. It is a desktop application with the ability to load your data onto our online server for extra protection, if you lose your internet connection data will still be saved to your local computer and can be uploaded later. Suite is packed full of features and Online Backups are included in this subscription at a reasonable monthly cost of £15+VAT.

You can download a free 14 day trial of Business Accountz Suite from here and during the trial you also receive free support so you can call us for answers to your questions.