Accountz Wealth Manager

February 09 2017, 1 Comment

At Accountz we often receive emails or telephone calls asking whether our Home Accountz package is set to a certain currency i.e. US Dollars, South African Rand or Great British Pounds?

Our products are currency non specific so you can run the program in ANY currency.  Not only that but you can set the decimal places as well so if you are using Bahraini Dinars you can set this to 3 decimal places or the Vietnamese Dong to none.

All transactions are reported in your base currency and you can also (if required) enter multi currency transactions for instance if you wish to enter holiday expenses.

Our simple home accounting software is completely multi-platform, so moving data from Windows to Mac and back again is not a problem.

It is also a desktop application with the ability to load your data onto our online server for extra protection, when your internet connection goes down data will still be saved to your local computer and can be uploaded later.

We offer a free 14 day trial. If you decide you love it, use this voucher code FBFEB50 in our checkout  to receive 50% discount*

Please email with any questions.


*Offer price is £16.25 ex VAT. Valid until 28th February 2017. Our website will convert all international purchases to your currency and if outside the EU will remove all UK VAT. Equivalent of 274 Zar approximately at today's exchange rate.