BT Nationwide Broadband Failures

February 03 2016, 0 Comments

It has become apparent that both commercial and residential customers of the broadband provider BT suffered over 8 hours of internet downtime yesterday.

This downtime shows how dependent we as a society have now become on the internet, as several of the online applications we utilise as a business were inaccessible for the latter part of the day.

At Accountz we do not believe that this is good enough.

What if you need to present your annual sales report at a directors meeting? What if the Accountant you are paying to work by the hour can no longer access your financial information?

This is why at Accountz we will always ensure you have access to your data. We will never become an internet dependent accountancy software package.

We are thankful that none of our customers were locked out of their businesses finances and would advise anyone considering Accountz to take a free trial. See why we are the most reliable solution available.

See the full story from the BBC here.