Transferring data from MS Money to Accountz

August 11 2015, 0 Comments

Windows 10 is here and for many that have upgraded they are finding that their copy of Microsoft Money is no longer working. If this is you, you are likely to be looking for a suitable replacement.Home Accountz V3 may be right for you; it works on Windows 10, tracks income, expenses, allows you to set budgets, forecast ahead and much more.

Unfortunately, we cannot import .mny files directly into Home Accountz V3, the files have to be exported to a QIF format first. So if you have yet to upgrade to Windows 10 now is the time to think about a new financial software package and to export those files into. We cannot guarantee the import process will work exactly as you expect and we would suggest you only import one years worth of accounts.

Here's a video guide:

If you are unable to export the data and have no way of accessing MS Money you will need to start afresh with opening balances in Home Accountz V3.

We also have a mobile app for Home Accountz V3 which works on Apple and Android products. The app at present is an expense tracker, so if you go on holiday or a day trip out and you want to log the expenses rather than saving the receipts, this can be done easily. The mobile app details can be found here:

The data is then synchronised via the Online Backup to the desktop application. This service always enables you to transfer data between two computers seamlessly. The Online Services which includes Online Backup and the mobile app is free for the first 12 months from the time you licence the software.


Further information can be found here: or by downloading our 14 day free trial: