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June 04 2015, 0 Comments

A message from the development team.

At Accountz we are always fighting to be at the forefront of technology, and with the current surge of prowess in that field we have had our hands full!

Our programmers have been dedicating all of their time to bringing you the very best enhancements we can think of in your software! However it isn’t just our ideas… we have pooled all of our users’ suggestions together, and conducted countless user surveys. So that what we know what we are bringing you, is what is wanted and needed.

There is so much in the pipeline that development will be continuing into the foreseeable future… however this blog will follow the creation of what is in store right now, for both Home and Business users!

So what are we working on?


Yes, we know.

We have been harping on about a multi-user system for some time. I’m sure everyone can appreciate how hard it is to get several separate installations of software to work in tandem without data conflict!

It is however, coming.

Our programmers are using a host of new tools, which have recently become available, to allow our customers to have several users using the system at once. Whether you are letting your accountant into your accounting software, your business partner see your finances or even getting your sales team log transactions!

More on this as it progresses in the coming months, we will hopefully have a release date by the end of this year.


The idea of the dashboard was to give users an area of the software where they could see all of their important financial information, in nice easy to read simple graphics.

This has been an extremely well-received feature, we sent 4 surveys out to our Home Accountz and Business Accountz users and the results were astounding. 90% of our users stated that this would be important to them!

Obviously as soon as those results came back we knew we had to give the people what they wanted. More on the results of the survey and what will be going into the dashboard in the next dashboard update.

Trialist quick tour

We are always trying to figure out ways of bringing new users into the fold of Accountz. We created the quick tour videos about a year ago, however we really want a tutorial that will work within the software. Showing new and old users just how much this sophisticated system can do.

Development has just started on this project and the current idea is to host a series of screenshots inside the application. To help guide new users around the system.

We will soon be sending out surveys on this so please help us, and keep an eye out for them! We will be back soon with another blog, but in the meantime if you have any suggestions or questions please comment below or email

Thank you!