Cloud...Myth or Legend?

August 27 2014, 1 Comment

At Accountz we have always stated your data will be saved locally onto your computer, and we will always stand by it!

The advantages are obvious you don’t have to rely on having access to the internet in order to view your finances! This is a huge advantage to Home and Business users who are on the move.

This all makes perfect sense... but what happens when something goes wrong with the laptop itself? Or your data files are corrupted when moving them on to a portable hard drive?

This does happen more often than you think, in fact within the office we deal with these issues daily.

We introduced Cloud to combat this problem...

The idea being we are now giving you the best of both worlds! Data stored locally on your computer so it is accessible at ALL times as well as a secure encrypted backup kept in the cloud; giving users multiple access points and peace of mind... Important when your financial data is involved we think you will agree!

We are aware there is still some hesitation amongst our users in accepting the Cloud...

So we’re going to bust some myths!

My data isn’t safe on the Cloud!

This may be true for certain systems...

However with the Accountz cloud, files are encrypted. This makes it impossible for someone, who has somehow broken into a secure server, to access your data. All they will see is a mixed up enigma of numbers and letters which will make no sense unless you have the exact password for your file... You are the only person that knows your password. We don’t store this data at all; your files are as safe as you make them!

Someone can easily access a server illegally.

What do you think is more likely?

A virus will break into a server, which is maintained 24/7 by experts who are specially trained in looking out for virus threats and eradicating them before they affect any aspect of the server?


A virus will make its way on to your computer, while you browse the internet; make its way past a £50 security system and affect your saved files? (Doesn’t really matter as the data is encrypted)

We admit neither of these scenarios are very likely... In fact they are both highly unlikely scenarios. The truth is the data is just as safe if not safer on the Cloud than on your laptop.

I will always have access to my data.. Nothing will ever go wrong with my computer!

If we had a penny for every time we’ve heard that phrase...

In fact if I had a penny for every time a customer has asked me how they can get their data back once they have; wiped their computer / dropped their laptop / spilt water over the desktop / had it eaten by the dog.

I would be a rich man living on an island in the tropics.

If you haven’t activated the Cloud you could lose every scrap of your data today / tomorrow / as you are reading this article.

As it is we have created a system to stop this happening... So please can everyone just turn their Cloud Backup and Recovery on!

Personally I would still prefer the island. But not dealing with data loss would be a bonus!