Our Own SEO Story

February 21 2014, 0 Comments

Author: George Talbot (Accountz)

After several years of having a top ranking spot for ‘Accounting software’ in Google we were severely crippled when Google released their "Panda" update. This update punished sites for using tactics that had previously helped their SEO rankings.

Due to these changes we, unfortunately, plunged into the dark depths of the search engine. It appeared we would never emerge again.

However, yesterday we were celebrating! We have claimed the number 1 spot for the search term ‘Accounting Software for Mac’. As well as making it to the 9th position for the most popular search term ‘Accounting Software’. This market is rife with competition, making this achievement extremely significant.

Whilst also causing ‘Celebration’ by Kool & the Gang to be sung by every employee in the office!

There are several issues which had been caused by the change in Google’s SEO algorithm. We now wish to educate our readers, as to how to avoid plunging down the same dark path.

Our main issues were;

Lack of Keywords

Without the right keywords, Google won’t select your business when potential customers enter in search terms related to your industry. Make sure you think about which words are needed and are included in your website text. However don’t overdo it! This brings us to our next problem...

Duplicate Content

As an example... if you repeatedly type ‘Accountancy Software...' on to your home page. Google will punish your ranking position. They will believe you are trying to ‘cheat’ the system. Steer clear of this at all costs.

This wasn’t a technique we used, however we did have several pages with similar wording throughout different sections of our website. Be careful about what you write and ensure you get your message across, without being punished.

Canonical links

If you must have duplicate pages, such as separate landing pages to monitor the performance of advertising campaigns. Please ensure these are linked Canonically! Utilise this coding in you <head> section, as an example we will show you ours. <link rel="canonical" href="//www.accountz.com/" />

Linking like this will ensure Google are aware the content is duplicated and leave you unaffected by duplicate content. See more here: .

Poor back links

If you are advertising on a page deemed ‘Hazardous’ by Google then it is time to stop. It may be drawing you in a couple of customers here and there. However the damage it will be causing your site position on Google can be horrific.

Put simply be careful where you advertise and which sites are recommending your product!

Ways to improve your SEO?

Have an amazing team! Our team have worked solidly for months to achieve this result. It is tedious and gruelling work, but every ounce of it pays off. We would like this opportunity to thank our very own Rachel Harris and Tim Wilkins, who put an amazing amount of effort in getting us where we are now!

However we can’t take all the credit. We work closely with a company specialising in SEO. There tend to be companies that can help you at a range of budget options, so find one that suits you. These people know what they are doing and are kept aware of changes in Google’s Algorithm. They are worth every penny.


A very happy Accountz