The Home Dashboard

May 09 2016, 30 Comments

The Home Accountz Dashboard is nearing completion!

The Dashboard will provide you with an extensive overview of your finances and provide a hugely improved reporting system.

Extensive Beta testing and customer surveys have ensured that we are providing exactly what you need to help you keep on top of your finances.

We are therefore extremely excited to show off the upcoming features and functionality of our brand new Dashboard.

The Dashboard (see above) lets you display 6 individual ‘Dashlets’. Each section focuses on a separate area of your finances and can be removed or rearranged so you can make The Dashboard specific to you.

Each Dashlet is interactive, allowing you to change the data or graph being shown. Just click on a Dashlet and gain a deeper understanding of your personal finances. Run detailed reports on your different expense groups and accounts or see your historical spending within different accounts.

This feature will be part and parcel of The Online Services (Online Backup and Recovery), however you will not have to keep your data online to make use of The Dashboard. You simply need an Online Services subscription and you can then opt out of keeping Online Backups!

Which Dashlets can I choose from?

Bank, Credit Card and Loan Balances

Look Ahead

Actual Spending

Income by Account

Net Worth

Expenses by Account

Bank, Credit Card and Loan Balances

This Dashlet allows you to see the balances of your different loans, credit cards and bank accounts. It has been kept extremely simple for your convenience.

Clicking on this Dashlet will allow you to choose which accounts you want to show in the Dashboard and provide you with a link to each accounts individual transactions.

Look Ahead

The Look Ahead Dashlet will give you the ability to look in to the future and monitor any changes to your bank balance. You will be able to look forwards by up to a year!

The Dashlet will work by taking your current balance and in the form of a line graph you will see any upcoming automated transactions or future transactions you have input into the system.

Actual Spending

This Dashlet aims to give you a convenient historical record of your spending and income. You can choose to see your total spending or income or choose to get more specific and view each account separately.

Another great feature will be the ability to compare your historical spending or income year on year. This is great for those who wish to see historical changes in your finances to help you budget for the future.

Income by Account

The Income by Account Dashlet enables you to break down your income over time.

Represented as a Bar or Pie chart you can select which income accounts are shown. Either in monetary values or percentages. There is also a date filter ensuring the report is as detailed as required.

Net Worth

The Net Worth Dashlet provides you with the total amount that you are worth in monetary values. This will take into account all assets that are attributed to you and deduct all of your liabilities.

You will then be provided with a total net worth figure. Clicking into this Dashlet will provide you with a breakdown of the different accounts that make up your total net worth.

Expense by Account

Better reporting now allows you to see which of your expense categories are costing you the most. Allowing you to identify any areas where you can reduce your total spending.

Represented as a Bar or Pie chart you can select which expense groups or accounts are shown. Either in monetary values or percentages. There is also a date filter ensuring the report is as relevant to you as possible.