Accounting Software for Home Finance and Business

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Accounting Software for Home Finance and Business

Who are we? is a UK based one stop shop where you can find easy to use accounting software for both your home and business.

Since our first software releases in 1991 we have become an accounting solution for thousands of home and small business owners looking for a place to consolidate their finances.

Expertly crafted our system is so flexible anyone can use it, no matter their circumstances. Compatibility is always important so we have also ensured that this accounting software works with Mac, Windows and Linux operating systems.

Online Services

With Accountz you are at the forefront of technology within the industry.

We are constantly working and developing our optional online services, so you experience flexibility and peace of mind at the same time.

Access your data from anywhere in the world, use our Smartphone app, keep an online backup of your data and secure your data with a password. You can do all of this and at the same time rest assured your financial data is available to you through thick or thin, cyber attack or server failure.

We have your back where others don’t!

Our personal accounting software

With Home accountz you can run any report you like, the flexibility of the programme is astounding, you can create customisable filters which let you delve deep into your personal finances. So you can find out exactly what you need to know to budget for a rainy day.

Find out what you have spent, what you have spent it on and use that information to control your spending and create a budget.

Or use Home Accountz to consolidate your different bank accounts into one place. The uses for this product are endless.

Our business accounting software

Our Business accounting software is directly aimed at small businesses and includes several of the features which we feel every business owner should have.

You don’t just receive a bookkeeping system, you get an invoicing and purchase order system. Along with Customer and Supplier management as a standard in every level of our business range.

If you are looking for something more advanced, The Business Suite is our high end product. This contains several features you would tend to find in a bespoke piece of software costing thousands. This can be yours for just £15 a month!

Customer Service

We provide free bookkeeping support for the lifetime of a product! Need some help? We are just an email away.

If you would like a more personal experience you may talk directly to our UK based bookkeepers directly by taking out a telephone support contract. We have several flavors available so take advantage and give us a call!

We can remotely access your software and check your books balance, help you get your numbers right for tax returns and help you submit your VAT returns. We’re always here to help!


We take a pride in our business ethics, we put control in your hands. Take one of our Business subscriptions and we don’t tie you into a contract. Sign up to our Home Online Services and we don’t tie you into a contract.

We are a small UK based business ourselves, so we know what it is like to be faced with a daunting contract.

We know you don’t like them and we don’t either.

If you are looking to buy accounting software for Mac, either for Home or Business it’s simple please call us on 01354 691650 or e-mail at